Chiropractic & Wellness

There is rising popularity of wellness-based philosophies and principles. Chiropractic adjustments are good for your general health. Millions of satisfied patients cannot be wrong.

The nervous system is the one system in the body that directly affects every other system. This is because nerves conduct sensory information from every part of the body and then delivers this information to the brain. Once there, the brain analyzes the information to determine what the body needs to maintain a healthy state. So the health of this system is paramount to the good health of the rest of the body.

Chiropractors recognize that misalignment in the spine can interfere with proper nervous system function. More specifically, chiropractors study the effects of vertebral subluxations – conditions of the spine where alignment and/or movement patterns of the vertebrae are abnormal. When this occurs, imbalances cause irritation and inflammation. In turn this can cause interference with information that is transmitted along nerves and spinal cord. Chiropractors are the only health care professionals specifically trained to locate and correct spinal subluxations.

This is the principal reason why chiropractors should be called wellness doctors. Every time a chiropractor corrects a vertebral subluxation, the positive effects are felt in multiple systems simultaneously.

Strengthen Your Immune System

True health and healing come from within. You have an incredible healing ability protecting you all the time. Your body’s wisdom, your inner healer, is always working to balance your chemistry, strengthen your systems and awaken your connection to life.  Chiropractic is a powerful immune system “wake-up call.” See your chiropractor on a periodic basis to correct your subluxations.  Your immune system will function closer to its optimum level so you may fight disease, prevent illness and function at your best.

In Conclusion

No matter what disease or condition you have, you can benefit from a healthy spine. Spinal health can be as important for your overall healing as proper nutrition. Among the many factors contributing to your health: the quality of the air, water and food you take in, how you handle emotional stress, your inherited weaknesses, drugs and your use of exercise and relaxation. A healthy spine is absolutely essential. In most people, it is a major factor that can make a difference between a life of disease, weakness and disability or a life of health, strength and vitality. Spinal care can help your body function better, improve your resistance to disease and enhance your well-being. Take care of your spin and it will last your lifetime. See your chiropractor for periodic spinal checkups or wellness care; a healthy spine can improve the quality of your life! 


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